Prism Puzzler 3D Printing Project

I am so excited to share the process of our Prism Puzzler challenge. It was one of those learning tasks that just kept rolling. Each stage increasing in complexity and depth of thinking. Students were engaged, motivated, and demonstrating deep learning competencies throughout. The learning just made sense to students. They could visualize their learning and make connections during each stage. An educational WIN! When utilizing unconventional teaching strategies and methods, this does not always happen (refer to my first posts this year on failure) but it such a joy when thinks unfold as this did.

Specific Curriculum Expectations:
– solve problems that involve the surface area and volume of right prisms and that require conversion between metric measures of capacity and volume
– estimate and calculate the area of composite two-dimensional shapes by decomposing into shapes with known area relationships
– sketch different polygonal prisms that share the same volume
– determine, through invest…

Deep Learning Lab

NPDL Deep Learning Lab
In his opening remarks, Michael Fullan challenged us to consider our own definitions of creativity and adapt these definitions throughout the Learning Lab.
Mine started something like this: Creativity is generating novel solutions to real world problems. 
I was blown away by Daan Roosegaarde's presentation.  Studio Roosegaarde Creativity starts by LOOKING. Be annoyed, be fascinated, be curious. — Jessica Weber (@missjessweber) May 1, 2017
The principle of MAYA- most advanced yet acceptable! — Jessica Weber (@missjessweber) May 1, 2017
@DaanRoosegaarde "3 phases of innovation" from a new Idea:
- Not possible
- Possible, not allowed
- Why didn't you do this before! #npdl — Bill Corcoran (@BCor_2) May 1, 2017
Definition refined: Creativity starts with LOOKING. It is generating novel solutions to real world problems THAT MATTER.
Insight Session 1: The Story …

Fall to your Knees with Deep Learning

At her session called The Right Question at the Ontario GAFE summit,Holly Clark spoke of those 'fall to your knees' moments as educators when something goes so absolutely right, when the learning is so tangible, that you feel like falling to your knees in pure bliss and gratitude for what you are a part of.

I have learned through my experimentation with varied pedagogical approaches and adoption of new technologies, that these moments are to be treasured and are what fuels passionate educators to continue with their pursuits to innovate and inspire. For each 'fall to your knees' moment there are also moments of failure that serve to 'reflect and refine' practice. Both moments equally as important and rich with learning for students and educators.

I had a 'fall to my knees' moment witnessing my Grade 7 students so enthralled with their heat design projects that time stood still and it seemed as though I was in some amazing innovation incubator somewhere…

GAFE Summit 2017

GAFE Summit Schedule
@rushtonh inspires us to think about what would be ridiculously cool at our schools and figure out how. — Jessica Weber (@missjessweber) April 8, 2017
@rushtonh shares this inspiring story. It's about connecting, creating, and caring. #ONsummit — Jessica Weber (@missjessweber) April 8, 2017 Video link for Dads and Dudes: — Jonathan So (@MrSoclassroom) April 8, 2017
Redefining the Math Classroom with  @watnunu

Sandra's resources

Love these math games! (like Kahoot but self-paced)
Vimy Ridge on trends what about Pokemon?
Check out Google Public Data

Problem solving using Google Slides (think about all the possibilities with tables!)

Interlude ... because sometimes you just need a laugh! Than…

Voyageurs of Learning

“Joseph-Nicholas Delisle and his nephew by marriage, Philippe Buache, were obsessed by the idea of a vast sea, connected to the Pacific in northwestern North America. Beginning in 1752, Delisle and Buache published a series of maps and memoirs describing this mythical 'Mer de 1'ouest'; some of their maps appeared as late as 1779 in Diderot's Encyclop├ędie. The 'Mer de l'ouest' had been a strong motive for exploration but as early as the 1740s few others dared place it on a map”. 
(Library and Archives Canada) During our second day of Innovation Stations a rather interesting metaphor struck me. We were discussing how as early users of this educational technology, we have a responsibility to document our learning journey, successes and failures, so that others might learn from us and to provide documentation of our thinking processes for our own reflection.

Maybe this is a little like the early explorers of Canada, such as Delisle and Buache, who dared to envi…

Innovation Stations

What do you do when your MOSS Robotics and Sphero Sprk+ kits arrive on your doorstep?
First, of course, you do a little happy dance!

Then you resist the urge to open the boxes until you are with your students.
This past weekend it was AGONY not to dive in. I held back as I know how awesome it is to open them up in the presents of the learners and ask, "What's possible with what's in these boxes?".

A little background - this past December I had the fortunate opportunity of attending the MISA Innovation day in London, On. Not only did I get to connect with inspiring educators and leaders from our region, I also had the chance to apply for some funding. My proposal for my 'FAB LAB' was excepted - enter the MOSS robotics and the Sphero Sprk+.

With these new additions to our FabLab, I wanted students to get their hands on them and explore the possibilities and document their initial thinking and wonderings. As I always say, with exploration comes the necessity for…


I've heard it said that Twitter is like a flowing river. It's impossible to catch all the water. You reach in when you can to fill up your cup. I'm not exactly sure where I heard this, but it captures what Twitter is for me. When I first started on Twitter, I was overwhelmed by the shear quantity of information and possible connections. I developed a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Slowly I began to let go of my expectations and dip my cup when I needed that re-fueling/refreshing from my PLN.
This past Saturday I dipped my cup in at a rather serendipitous time. I noticed a challenge from  @mrfusco to complete #5posts5days. I have felt the need to get back to blogging and this was just the nudge I needed. Carlo's first blog asks, 'Why blog?' and this ties in perfectly with the ideas I wanted to share today.
1/5 #5posts5days - Why Blog? — Carlo Fusco (@mrfusco) March 6, 2017Why do I blog? 
I blog because spend…